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S3E4 England vs Scotland review and dodgy bets

We start by discussing the recent England vs Scotland game. Booing the national anthem and Kenny Miller are the key talking points.

Krys runs us through the results in Scottish football, before we discuss the key moments.

I give my thoughts on why Langfield should not have been sent off in the Aberdeen vs Celtic game. I think I am the only one who things that way, with one reaction being that I was talking mince.

I end up googling for a picture of Kris Commons lying on a bed, which I never thought I would do. I blame Krys.

Ian Black has been accused of betting on football games, with some even being bets against his own team. We can’t let that pass by without giving our opinion.

We make another charity bet, as well as predicting the results in the upcoming Premiership games.



S3E03 Resurgent Aberdeen, the Auld Enemy and pies

For the third week in a row, Krys and Greig join me to discuss Scottish Fitba.

Motherwell, St Johnstone and Celtic all featured in Europe last week. Results didn’t go in Motherwell or St Johnstone’s favour, but at least Celtic got through. I didn’t manage to get a steak and chorizo pie at McDiarmid Park, but I did enjoy the alternative.

During the Premiership roundup, we discuss Aberdeen’s resurgence and how many are predicting they will have a great season. I think you can guess how we react to such predictions after just two games.

QOS vs Dundee seemed to be the game of the weekend (Wick Academy might argue otherwise), and it almost won us the charity bet. Lyle unfortunately didn’t score first, but he did score second.

We move on from another losing week to pick another two McBookie charity bets. I’m confident for the most part, apart from Greig’s choice.

Scotland travel down to Wembley on Wednesday and we put our positive spin on the game.

We end with a stab at predicting the upcoming Premiership games, as well as taking a looking at how the predictor currently stands.