S6E3 Referee Indecision

John and Hamish are on this week to discuss the previous week of action in Scotland.

Once again, the charity bet treble sees two out of three win so just short. They decide to stick to trebles from now on but maybe we’d be better picking a double.

A brief summary of League Cup action is discussed as John was at Ayr v Aberdeen. They go on to discuss who they  think will win cup.

Once again the Premiership is given priority in terms of reviewing the weekend action. As often is the case, referees come under criticism for their decisions or more so, lack of decision. The so called game of the weekend is discussed in Aberdeen v Hearts and how both John and Hamish are not too disheartened by their respective teams start to the season.

Hamish takes centre stake in the choice of charity bets as he has some very exciting news.

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Tune in next week for more football chat and banter.

As always, a big thanks to McBookie for supplying the charity bet. They’re good guys.