S5E38 Deila Taxi

Back to league action for another few twists and turns of the Premiership season, Krys is joined by John to look at who can throw away things in the league the most. Aberdeen, Hearts and Celtic all slip up as the other three teams in the top six play for very little – something that only happens in England according to Graeme Souness.

The penultimate weekend in the lower leagues saw a few more issues decided, with Livingston consigned to the playoffs and Forfar Athletic’s relegation to League Two confirmed. But other aspects continue into the final weekend across all three divisions. We also take a brief look at the start of the Pyramid playoff as Cove Rangers took on Edinburgh City in the first leg for the right to face East Stirling.

There’s some in-depth discussion around the future for Hearts, Aberdeen and Celtic and what they might be aiming to do next season – while also reflecting on what might have been this season for all three. Celtic’s confirmed change of management leads us to some speculation over who might replace Deila, but Krys is as clueless as anyone else – no change there then!

Thanks as always to McBookie for providing the stake in our charity bets. No winner this week as St Mirren lost and Craig Gunn didn’t score first. We try again this week, although the initial suggestion of Celtic and Aberdeen both losing to almost double the charity bet pot gets immediately shot down.

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