S5E27 Chinese Takeaway Sow

It’s transfer deadline day, so in between discussing all the weekend action, Krys and John periodically stop to check what the latest news of the comings and goings.

Part of that might have been Krys trying to avoid talking about the League Cup semi finals right enough.

Actually, the guys did eventually get to the League Cup games played over the weekend, and unsurprisingly spent a lot of time focusing on key refereeing decisions in both games. That wasn’t the only time referees came up, as no one seems to know why Dundee got a penalty in their game against Motherwell.

Sadly that penalty wasn’t enough to save the weather-adjusted charity bet though. Thanks as always to McBookie for providing the stakes in our charity bet. Hopefully better luck this coming weekend.

The usual recap of the league action, a look forward to the Scottish Cup fifth round, Premiership predictions… and Krys has a big rant about Celtic.

And Billy Davies actually. Krys was quite ranty this week actually.

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