S5E26 Rose to the Occasion

Another Tuesday night recording meant that Krys and John were on at the same time as two of the Scottish Cup fourth round matches were being played so there was a bit of jumping back and forth to see how those games were going as they chatted about the various topics of the week.

In among the discussions across the four divisions there were some important questions asked such as “who did Halliday gesture towards”, “where have that Dundee United been all season”, and “why are there never midweek goals shown on Sportscene and just how right was Paul Hartley about that programme”. But perhaps most importantly we ask the question – who is more incompetent, the SFA or the SPFL?

That and all the usual reflections and predictions, it’s another jam packed podcast.

Thanks as always to McBookie for providing the stakes in our charity bet. No luck this week sadly.

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