S4E41 Coiny and a wee bit of fitba

It’s me (Craig), John and Krys once again this week.

Scotland’s squad for the double header against the footballing powerhouse Qatar and also Ireland has been announced. We discuss who deserved it and who didn’t.

The lower three play offs came to a conclusion, in what might be described as boring. We discuss why that might be the case.

The Premiership play off first round, or quarter final, or whatever it’s called concluded on Sunday. Unfortunately there was no pie review, but that doesn’t mean that the discussion was completely pointless.

Second bottom in the Premiership was decided at the weekend, with the bottom half providing the bulk of the football entertainment in the Premiership. There was also an elbow and a headbutt that was worth discussing.

Coiny came up in conversation and perhaps I mistakenly thought that everybody knew what it was. I am in my early 30s and it was certainly a thing when I was at primary school. A quick Google suggests that it might just have been me that called it coiny.

We finish the podcast with our final Premiership predictions, followed by the McBookie charity bet. #smug sums up our first scorer pick.

and don’t worry, John manages to talk about Aberdeen.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

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