S4E28 Welcome to hell

I start the podcast with a little positivity, despite Rangers being beaten 2-0 by Hibs. John goes on to be positive about a positive result (from Aberdeen), which is not the SFF podcast theme this week.

Greig proves he is the romantic in the team.

Despite me being all for welcoming foreign football teams to our country and perhaps allowing them use of training facilities ;), John has a different tact.

Alcohol at football is a hot topic once again, and we all seem generally in favour, but realise the potential pitfalls. Greig’s main concern is that they might sell Carling at Fir Park.

It wasn’t easy, but we persuaded Greig that Celtic -4 wasn’t a good idea for the McBookie charity bet. Instead we went for Brechin, Dundee United and Motherwell/Dundee BTTS, which returns £60.50 for a tenner. We stick with Jamie Longworth as he delivered this past weekend.

And Celtic have a European game on Thursday against Internatio, Internazio, Inter Milan. Did I mention that it was on the telly?

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

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