S3E07 Krys’ milkshake brings the boys to the yard

Prior to recording Krys revealed that he was drinking a chocolate milkshake – the big wean – hence the title.

It’s international weekend, so obviously we discuss Scotland’s game against Belgium. The only problem is that Greig and I have only seen the highlights, so we rely on Krys – who was at the game – to give us his review.

Celtic Park had a full house for Stan Petrov’s charity game. Krys was there, and talks us through the game.

Following a crisis meeting, the charity bet has had a radical shake up. Not really, we have still tried to pick three easy games.

Our Premiership predictions are a little different this week, with Grumpy Old Man listening live, and entering his predictions – albeit slowly – via Twitter.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.