S2E43 SPL climax, Alloa, Dunfermline & the Scottish Cup

Greig returns this week to join Krys and I.

Krys introduces his final SPL review, before we discuss the key points of the weekend. Greig gives us his review of the food from McDiarmid Park.

I went to the first leg of Alloa vs Dunfermline play-off final, and I experienced a novel way of trying to gain cheap entry. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to report back about the quality of Recreation Park’s pies. The game leads us on to discuss off the field matters, with Alloa’s chairman and Dunfermline’s financial situation being the main focus.

The Charity bet is nearing it’s season conclusion, and we have managed to amass over £300. Thanks to McBookie for their help throughout the season. We shall announce which charity will benefit from the winnings during next weeks end of season podcast.

The end of the SPL also means that the predictor has also ended. Brian Murray and kjphoops shared the top prize or £25 each.

The Scottish Cup closes the season on Sunday. We all hope for a sunny day, but are supporting different teams. We chose Celtic to win for the charity bet, so perhaps we should all be supporting Celtic.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.