S2E41 – Awards, dives and SFL play-offs

I am joined by Krys and Greig this week and there is loads to talk about. Dundee were relegated at the weekend, with Bomber Brown blaming Pawlett. McKay scored a hattrick to put pressure on Higdon, who also scored, for top scorer in the SPL.

In the SFL we preview the upcoming play-offs and discuss what is wrong with the current setup and how it could be improved. With QOS and Falkirk both moving to an astroturf surface, we discuss the pros and cons of the move. Rangers were presented with the third division trophy on Saturday and I give the highlights of the occasion.

The PFA awards took place on Sunday evening, so we discuss who won what. We also give mention to Higdon’s post awards celebrations.

With the SFL finished, bar the play-offs, we decide to go for an all SPL charity bet. Chances are we will lose, but it’s worth a try.

Following our SPL predictions, we did stray into reconstruction talk, following the announcement that ten first division clubs look like they want to join the SPL. We were tight for time, but still manage a quick discussion.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.