S2E40 – play-offs, Player of the year & Laurie’s bed

Each week we record the podcast via Skype and we normally sit at our PCs, with headsets on. This week is a little different, because Laurie uses his phone and decides to record the podcast while on his bed. Not only is that slightly disconcerting, but I am sure that he is almost falling asleep near the end. Not that the podcast is boring 😉

Krys kicks us off with his SPL review. There is plenty to discuss this week, with debatable red cards, offside goals, tap ins, crappy walls and deflections.

The SPL met today to discuss play-offs between the SPL and division one. I personally found this news to be quite positive, but Krys dampened my enthusiasm with talk of what could have been.

We all give our votes and our reasoning for who should win the player’s player of the year award.

The charity bet was shaping up to have a pretty low return using our usual one match per person, so instead of losing with a three match bet, we make it a four team accumulator.

We end, as always, with out SPL predictions.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.