S2E31 Old school players and naughty songs

Krys expertly guides us through the SPL results over the last week, as Greig and I listen intently. We go on to discuss the key moments in detail, in particular the offside rule and interfering with play.

I introduce the SFL section, but instead of focusing on the results, we discuss the Pars financial situation, ice wheelie bins at Alloa, and naughty singing by Rangers fans.

James McFadden returned to Motherwell, so Greig talks us through his comeback and how he might fit in at the club. Kris Boyd is another old school player to return to the SPL, and Kevin Thomson is also training with Hibs.

There are midweek SPL matches, as well as a couple at the weekend, to predict.

The weekend is dominated by Scottish Cup matches, with three out of four being shown on TV.

After Krys let us down in last week’s charity bet, we try again.

We end with a plug about the new SFF Android app. Greig has to work on his promotional skills.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.