S11E18 Iona Fyfe Special

We love on the podcast celebrating Scottish football and we believe that we should also champion Scottish music from singers and bands.

This week we have Iona Fyfe joining John, Erin and McGill for the first of our football/music specials.

The last 18 months has seen many industries struggle due to Covid and the music industry was affected massively. A sector that brings so much to the economy and to society, just like football.

We discuss how Iona got in to music, the things that she enjoys about football, music, if she had a Genie which she would have to shake off to get three wishes.

Football and music have a feeling of community that bring us together and give us identity. It’s okay to like different teams or bands but its important to be respectful of differing opinions though we may not always agree with them.

There is the usual food chat which seems to give us the most controversy on the podcast so remember to let us all know how you eat your pizza or sandwich.

We hope you enjoy this slightly different podcast which is our first in a series of football/music specials.

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