S11E11 Scottish Football Funny Podcast

This week we have the Daft Punk of Scottish football as a guest as Adam from @oldfirmfacts1 joins us on the podcast. He’s the guy that makes us all laugh with his funny take on what is happening in Scottish football.

He joins the John’s, the Scott’s and Erin in a really fun podcast to do but also with some good football chat and serious stuff too. The nation continues to be in shock as Erin continues to reveal some interesting food choices which seem to get more bizarre by the week.

We discuss how our teams got on in Europe and that leads on to the Rangers v Celtic game on Sunday and how fine margins can make such a difference. There is brief chat on where Celtic still need to strengthen. Next week we will discuss the transfer window in more detail.

The podcast concludes with some chat about the upcoming Scotland fixtures which may prove to be difficult due to the players we have missed. Let’s look at it positively though as it gives opportunities to others.

Adam discusses some of his guests who has had on his podcast in an interesting best 11.

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