S11E7 Swing When You’re Winning

For our latest episode John and Scott M are joined by Raith fan and writer of two books, Steven Lawther.

It’s a good week to get him on with Raith providing a cup upset against Aberdeen. Steven reflects back on the 1994 League Cup win over Celtic and their European adventures which led to him writing Unthinkable.

We discuss some of the weekend action, European football and why you should never leave a game of football early.

There is the usual pie chat, Lower League predictions game and other football chat.

The podcast concludes with Steven talking about his interest in the Women’s game which led to him writing a book about the national team getting to the World Cup, Arrival which you can buy at the usual places.

As is tradition with our guests, we ask a series of slowfire questions including a best Raith Rovers eleven from his lifetime as a fan.

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