S11E4 Football’s Back (Domestic Bliss)

On our latest episode, regulars John, Scott M and Tony are joined by debutant Colin. Colin is no stranger to a podcast as involved with Peterhead one along with being busy with their TV streaming service and writing about the beautiful game.

It’s a great week to have two Celtic fans on in a week that was pretty miserable for them but they try to take some of the positives and not be overly critical.

We bounce between Europe and the League Cup with regards to it effectively being preseason for the majority of clubs. This leads to interesting discussion on whether we like group football or would prefer a return to knockout football from the off.

Colin responds to predictions of Peterhead struggling this season and discusses the ambition of the club and the strength of community.

The podcast concludes with some fantasy football chat, lower league predictions and random celebrity encounters with some surprising 3am DM’s.

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