S10E67 Scotland Squad Selected

John and Scott are on this week with the topic of choice being the Scotland squad for Euro 2020.

Before we discuss that though there is chat about the European Super League and potential consequences if it gets off the ground.

It’s just under two months till Euro 2020 so we discuss who we’d like to see in the Scotland squad and who we think Steve Clarke will pick. There aren’t maybe too many differences but from feedback we got from listeners and friends of the podcast there are certain players who have been regulars in the squad who may miss out.

Due to Covid it’s likely that there will be a larger squad than the usual 23 so we pick 26 players. We discuss the blow of losing Ryan Jack to injury and whether there should be calls for certain players to come out of retirement. Scott is in the minority when it comes to one player getting picked which makes for a good bit of banter on the podcast.

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