S10E65 Guest Special: Greig (Man of Steel)

We’ve a treat in store this week as one of the original regulars on the podcast joins us for a guest special. John is joined by Motherwell fan Greig.

The show kicks off by discussing recent events with Alexander replacing Robinson as manager. This leads on to chat about David Turnbull and whether he will go on to be the best player to have come from Motherwell in the last 30 years or so.

There is discussion about the Scottish Cup win in 1991 and the need for a win in modern times so that the current generation of fans have something they can relate to. Greig talks is through his favourite away day in the cup too.

It’s standard when we have a guest on to do some slowfire questions with them which we do and is is tradition we finish by asking Greig to pick a best eleven of players he has seen play for his club.

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