S10E52 Guest Special: Charlie Richmond

In the latest installment of our guest specials, John B is joined by former Grade One referee Charlie Richmond.

Charlie made his breakthrough at senior level in the 2001/02 season and went onto referee at the top level for ten years before hanging up the whistle in 2012. He talks through the journey of his career, which started at Junior level, though he wasn’t allowed to referee Auchinleck Talbot games because of his Talbot allegiances. He goes through his career through the senior leagues and gave an insight into the communication with players and managers, and how he’d handle flashpoints in key games like the Edinburgh derby.

Despite earning a reputation as one of our top referees, Charlie didn’t get picked for a National Cup Final or an Old Firm match. He explains some of the politics that prevented him from getting these prestigious matches, and the breakdown in relationship with the SFA that led to him quitting nearly nine years ago. He then gives his opinions on the fast tracking of referees in Scotland and thoughts on VAR and why it could work if adopted properly.

We end with the usual quick fire questions, which include a hilarious story about a referees night out in Getafe and a refs 6 a-side team.

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