S10E39 Imagination of the Nation

The podcast is a bit different for our regular weekly one as we focus on Scotland and the World Cup qualifying draw. John is joined by Iain from The Tartan Army Magazine.

It appears that we may have got a decent draw when you consider who we could potentially have got. The guys discuss each team we drew and our previous record against them. We got a couple teams who we have fairly recent memories of including Israel who must be as sick of us as we are of them.

Can we dare to dream in terms of maybe even winning the group? We’re in an optimistic mood so…

At the weekend, Ally Graham went ahead in the Lower League Predictions game so we need to bounce back. This week it is the turn of Krys to represent the podcast.

We finish off with a very brief roundup of the weekend action in the Premiership and the current situation with Covid and impact it has had on certain teams.

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