Episode 41 – Post split SPL banter

Greig, Krys and I have been described as the dream team (my words), but I read a couple of humorous podcast reviews that suggest otherwise. It was only after the podcast that I realised I should have read out positive reviews as well, but that can maybe wait until next week.

This weekend seen the first matches in the SPL following the split. The Championship is tied up, but the fight at the top is for the remaining Champions League qualification spot in third. St Johnstone faced Dundee United, who both have eyes on 3rd, and Motherwell face champions Celtic. At the other end of the table, Dunfermline and Hibs were both in action in the hope they can avoid the drop.

Krys steps up to the plate with this week’s Paul Band charity bet. I let everyone down with only one win out of four, so hopefully he can do better.

Next week sees the final (ever?) Old Firm of the season and we stick our necks out and try to predict a winner. Celtic got two votes and Rangers got one. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess who voted for who ;)