S10E30 No Scotland No Party

John is joined by regular Tony and Iain from The Famous Tartan Army Magazine.

We’ve waited a long time but Scotland have finally qualified for a tournament for the first time since 1998. The guys are obviously delighted and can’t quite believe it. It’s a great achievement and welcome respite with regards to current COVID situation.

There is a bit of chat about the game and the ups and downs that occurred. Thankfully David Marshall saved the day and left us to party like it was 1998.

We discuss the turnaround of events and how the Nations League has changed our fortunes. Can we beat Israel and get promoted to Group A? This leads us to trying to explain how it can benefit us in the future.

The boost to the economy should be significant with merchandise sales and hopefully fans allowed to attend games. We discuss whether we can get past the group stage for the first time at a tournament.

We finish off by taking a nostalgic look at our favourite kits.

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