S10E26 Scotland Optimism (It’s the Hope…)

John is joined by Scott from The Footy Blog Net and Donald who makes his first appearance on the podcast. Donald is a keen follower of non league football and is a reporter for what is now the West of Scotland Football League.

We kick off the podcast by asking Donald what his thoughts are with regards to the change to professional status and the impact this may have on Scottish football.

The chat moves on to Europe where once again Rangers and Celtic had mixed results. Once again we discuss what the issues are at Celtic and whether the blame is with the manager.

The weekend saw Rangers maintain their lead at the top of the table and we focus on the improvement in terms of goals conceded. We try to pinpoint what is different. The other games are covered though it’s a bit difficult with a couple due to the poor weather.

It’s the week of the Nations League playoff as we look to reach Euro 2020. The excitement is building with the uneasy feeling of being optimistic for just now. We discuss what the lineup is likely to be. Can we do it? Let’s hope so as it would be a massive boost to football in this country.

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