S10E19 John Rowbotham Special

In the latest installment of Good John’s guest specials, he is joined by former SFA Grade 1 & FIFA Referee John Rowbotham.

John talks openly about how he went from Junior and Amateur football to referee at the age of 29. Starting off at officiating Under 18’s football, John progressed through the ranks to become one of Scotland’s best known referees by the mid-nineties along with the likes of Willie Young, Hugh Dallas and Kenny Clark. He is perhaps best remembered for two games involving Paul Gascoigne. Firstly, a Rangers v Aberdeen game in 1995 where he admits he should’ve sent Gazza off in a match that affected his confidence, secondly in an Old Firm game two years later where he did produce a red card to the Geordie. John also oversaw 50 European club matches and five International matches before he hung up the whistle after the 2005 Scottish Cup Final between Celtic and Dundee United.

John gives some great tales from his career, from a ballboy being disappointed at getting his autograph instead of Pierluigi Collina to halting a Celtic v Hibs match for a fox running on the pitch. He also gives an insight into the after dinner circuit that he’s involved in and being influenced by Bake Off and his Grandchildren to make cheesecakes.

Thank you to everyone who asked questions via Twitter, John doesn’t avoid answering them as well as the usual slowfire asked by Good John.

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