S10E18 Tony and his Chocolate Buttons

Scott from The Footy Blog Net and Tony join F Bomb John for the latest podcast.

Unfortunately the Covid pandemic features a fair bit with it impacting domestic football and the international team. It also comes up when we discuss the latest news about the West of Scotland Football League.

The Betfred Cup saw a couple teams have to forfeit games and as we were recording an announcement was made that Kilmarnock will play their midweek cup tie after it being in doubt.

Good John recorded a podcast last week previewing the lower leagues so we discuss our various predictions about promotion and relegation assuming the season doesn’t finish early like it did last season.

We discuss the latest news about the West of Scotland Football League with news of 9 teams deciding to withdraw from this season due to the restrictions in place. All clubs have faced a difficult situation but we agree that the start of the league could have been put back to next season.

Scotland have played two games since we were last on and we have a playoff to look forward to for the chance to play in Euro 2020 in 2021. The guys discuss the positives but also talk about where improvements need to be made.

The podcast concludes with other relevant news in Scottish Football over the last week.

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