S10E16 Tony’s Special BK Juice

It’s a busy podcast as F Bomb John is joined by Scott from The Footy Blog Net, Tony and Iain from The Famous Tartan Army Magazine.

Make sure to check out the latest issue of The Famous Tartan Army Magazine when it comes out later this month. Good John has done a fair bit of work for the magazine which should be a great read.

We begin by discussing the efforts of Celtic and Rangers in the Europa League and their prospects in the group stages of the tournament. It’s transfer deadline day too and interestingly enough Celtic signed Laxalt on loan from Milan.

It’s the week of Scotland’s biggest game since they played Italy in 2007. There is a really interesting conversation about the formation that Clarke might use, who will play and our hopes for the game. We’re all in a positive mood but I think it’s helped by the various drinks we’ve got.

The top 4 in the Scottish Premiership all won which covers the majority of the weekend review. To conclude we discuss what might happen in the Celtic and Rangers clash after the international break. Are Celtic still favourites for the league?

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