S9E59 Dave Buglass Interview

In our second podcast this week, Good John speaks to Berwick Rangers Director and Glasgow City’s Head of Football Operations Dave Buglass. From our perspective, it was good to get an insight into the Lowland League and Women’s game, and Dave answers all questions very honestly.

Born in Berwick, Dave talks about the pride of being asked to help out in January this year as Berwick struggled in adapting to life in the Lowland League following their relegation from the SPFL set up last season. He talks openly about the hours he and his fellow Directors put into restructure the business in order to stop the club from folding at the end of the season, and how they engaged with the local community to bring people back to Shielfield and get the club back on track off the pitch. Even with the problems that have arisen from Covid-19 pandemic, the club are, thankfully, in a better position than they were six months ago. Being a Lowland League side, Berwick have aspirations to work their way back to the SPFL, so Dave gives an honest assessment into the reconstruction farce of the last two and a half months.

Moving onto his role at Glasgow City, Dave gives an insight into the role in working with Laura Montgomery and Scott Booth. He gives an update as to where the Women’s game is in terms of restarting their season, which is becoming more important to City with a rearranged Champions League tie against Wolfsburg scheduled for August in Spain. He also talks about the potential missed marketing opportunities others have had in promoting the Women’s game better and how interest has dipped since the World Cup last year, something the media are guilty of. With City being managed by a male, Dave adds that he’d have no qualms in adding a female coach to the staff at Berwick, providing they were right for the job.

We round off with the usual, what is now, slowfire questions rounding off with a best Berwick XI.

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