S9E36B Graham Wilson Special

This is a Scottish Football Forum’s Podcast Special for Back Onside with Graham Wilson, a Patron for the Charity.

In this interview, Graham talks openly about his battle with depression and alcoholism, and how that battle took him to the brink of taking his own life on a number of occasions. There is no hiding place for Graham as he talks about his darkest days, including taking payday loans to feed his alcohol habit and drinking weedkiller in a bid to end his pain.

Thankfully, Graham is here to tell the story of how he gave up the booze on 4 October 2013, overcoming his demons and turned his life around to be where he is now. In his role as a patron, he frequently gives talks in Universities and Schools to raise mental health awareness and explains the great work of Back Onside.

As you are by now aware, we have our own charity event for Back Onside on Sunday 29 March at Broadwood between fans and ex Players of Aberdeen and Celtic. Graham elaborates on the importance of events such as ours and the upcoming Back Onside ball on 2 May to bring much needed funds so they can continue to help people in crisis with their mental health struggles.

Graham’s final message is to encourage anyone who is suffering to speak out, and for others to listen. Nobody should suffer in silence and ending your pain just passes that onto others.

So here is the Scottish Football Forum’s Podcast Back Onside Special with Graham Wilson.

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