S9E34B Gary Dempsey Interview

As part of our Mental Health Awareness, Good John got in touch with former Dunfermline and Aberdeen midfielder Gary Dempsey. Over the last few months, Gary has become an advocate of Mental Health Awareness by frequently posting videos with messages of positivity, hope and encouragement for those in need of help to come forward. More recently, he got in touch with eight-year old Dunfermline fan Ollie Young, who was the subject of bullying at school and left a letter for his mum saying he hated himself. Gary has gone above the call of duty to help Ollie, from a video call with him to arranging a game of football with Ollie and his friends in Dunfermline.

Gary talks openly about the events that led him to talk openly, the difference in changing rooms from his time to now regarding opening up and the role the media and every one of us has to play to ensure nobody suffers in silence. This is a must-listen!

#MentalHealthAwareness #ItsOkNotToBeOk

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