S9E32 Storm in a Scottish Cup

It’s the two John’s on tonight as they discuss what has been going on in Scottish football.

We were hoping to have Phil McGuire this week but unfortunately he has had to reschedule.

The Scottish Cup takes up most of this week with six ties being decided. There was only one real upset with Inverness beating Livingston. BSC Glasgow gave a good account of themselves and hopefully the money they have earned can lead to them finding permanent facilities.

We skim through midweek fixtures from last as we try not to bore the listeners with too much Aberdeen chat. There’s certainly no goals to talk about for the Dons. We’ve got another Premiership midweek set of fixtures coming up as the games come in thick and fast.

The lower leagues are discussed in terms of where it leaves teams as they aim for promotion or to get enough points to be safe from relegation.

This leads us on to some Pyramid chat with another couple clubs in the West Region of the Juniors declaring their intentions.

The podcast concludes with a wee bit of Scotland chat and the upcoming charity game.

In terms of the charity game there is a Just Giving page set up if anyone would like to donate to help raise funds for Back Onside.

We’re also going to be doing a raffle so of anyone can donate any prizes we’d appreciate it. We’ve got some good ones so far from Aberdeen and Celtic which should have a fair bit of interest.
Thanks as always for listening.

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