S9E27 The Rory Hamilton Interview

The regular trio of the two John’s and Krys are on. We’re delighted to have our first special guest of 2020 on with BT commentator Rory Hamilton being on.

Good John leads and asks Rory a wide range of questions relating to how he got involved in commentary through to highlights in his career so far.

We cover the lower leagues with the main news being off the field with Morton and their reaction on social media to some of their fan interaction. On the field they managed to win away from home which helps their fight to avoid relegation. Is League One the most exciting league in Scotland just now? It looks like a five way battle at the top of the league with it regularly changing hands.

To conclude the podcast we ask Rory some more questions about following the Scotland team and food and drink highlights.

An announcement is made with regards to players who have confirmed they will be appearing in the Back Onside charity game.

Thanks as always for listening.

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