S9E15 Pretendy Fitba

Krys and Good John are on this week to chat about the ups and downs of the Scottish national team, following a heavy defeat in Russia and a heavy victory in the heavy rain against San Marino.

The ins and outs of these dead rubbers for Scotland are discussed, as well as the overly complicated situation with the playoffs from the Nations League. There’s even the revelation that the Nations League itself has miraculously changed format and no one except John seems to have noticed.

There’s also the Challenge Cup to discuss, and the lack of highlights that go with it. Fortunately we did get to see a wonderful free kick from Scott McLaughlin which beats off Stuart Armstrong’s free kick for this week’s #pickitoot

We finish up looking forward to the weekend Scottish Cup and domestic league action as international football gets packed away for another month.

Thanks as always for listening.

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