S8E42.5 Podcast Bonus – Begg and Stark

Series 8 Episode 42 featured a tribute to the late Lisbon Lions duo Billy McNeill and Stevie Chalmers, who lost their lives to dementia.

As part of the tribute, we spoke to Aberdeen fan and former Celtic TV presenter Ally Begg, and former Celtic midfielder Billy Stark. Now you can hear the interviews in full and unedited.

Begg recalls the sound advice McNeill gave him during his time at Celtic TV, in particular how to better himself in the face of hate mail. He also recalls McNeill’s legacy at Aberdeen and just how fond he was of the great man and the respect McNeill showed him, even if he did call him “Sheepie.”

We spoke to Billy Stark on the same day of Chalmers passing. He recalled how good a striker, and how good a person, Chalmers was and both his and McNeill’s roles in Celtic’s great 1967 side. However, it was mainly Stark’s time as a player and the impact Billy McNeill had as a manager during the Centenary year, where Celtic won the Double.

We hope you enjoy listening to their memories to two legends from the Lisbon Lions Era.

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