S8E40 Craig’s Tight Shorts

It’s the regular trio back on this week with Krys being rather happier than the two John’s.

The podcast starts with a review of what’s gone on in the lower leagues. Congratulations to Arbroath and wee Dick in securing the League One title. We’re recording as Morton play Inverness in the Championship. There’s plenty still to be decided.

The finalists of the Scottish Cup were decided with both favourites going through. It’s now up to Hearts to try and stop the treble treble. Krys enjoys getting the two John’s to talk about the second semi. Unfortunately there is yet more talk about sectarian abuse.

We preview the upcoming Premiership games with talk about King’s statement of Rangers being on verge of domination.

Talk leads to some of the funniest things we’ve seen on twitter this week.

The podcast concludes with some European chat and a happy ending for the two John’s.

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