S8E31 Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

This week, Krys hosts and is joined by John and Aldo. Or Alan, we can’t quite decide what to call him. Well, John can…

Having done the midweek podcast to cover off the league fixtures, we have a quick skim over the lower league action before diving into the eight Scottish Cup ties.

On Saturday there were some powerful prangs in Paisley, some kung-fu kicks in Kilmarnock, a mental maelstrom in Methil, and some easy ‘eaders in Edinburgh. Nearly managed some nice alliteration there!

Sunday gave us a couple of thirty yard screamers as well as a Glasgow chip in Edinburgh. You can do your own salt and vinegar or salt and sauce jokes now.

Monday night’s Highland derby didn’t disappoint either, and then just before recording the podcast we had the Quarter Final draw where just about everyone will be disappointed for one reason or another.

We also look ahead to Celtic in European action against Valencia, as well as the big action ahead next weekend.

Thanks as always for listening!

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