S8E26 Sean’s Scottish Cup Special

It’s a Scottish Cup special as we have a special guest on who is playing in it this weekend.

Sean McIlroy, striker for Auchinleck Talbot joins the two John’s. It’s a big week as they face Ayr in the fourth round. He is currently in his second spell with the club and has played at a good level in Australia with a number of clubs.

He gives an insight in to what it is like being a footballer, his time in Australia and what it’s like in the Juniors. He gives us a behind the dressing room take on things too.

He talks about how he dreams of scoring a last minute winner in a big game so maybe his dream will come true on Saturday.

We talk a wee bit about what cup shocks there might be and what the playing surface is like at Rugby Park with news they may be changing the pitch.

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