S8E4 Czaba Rank

It’s the same trio from last week but without John’s sound issues. Thankfully, everyone has managed their dinner too.

We’re straight in to European chat with the success of Scottish teams last week. Aberdeen were unfortunate not to join the other three as they took Burnley to extra time. There is also chat on where the teams need to strengthen and a contender for goal of the season already.

John B gets a chance to promote his charity game for Beatson Cancer charity between Aberdeen and Celtic over 35s on 9th September at Falkirk stadium. He has some ex Aberdeen players who will be performing but is looking for some ex Celtic players too.

The league campaign started at the weekend with success for both teams enjoying flag days in the top flight, the Edinburgh teams and Kilmarnock. The so called game of the weekend saw a draw with some controversial decisions and some interesting comments from Steven Gerrard.

There is a quick summary of what went on in the lower leagues.

After that the podcast concludes with Krys putting his name forward as a ‘celebrity’ for the charity game.

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