S7E25 Up For The Cup

The guys return after their own winter break. It’s the two John’s who are on the first podcast of 2018.

The Premiership has been on a break with some teams in sunnier climates. There has been some transfer activity with Rangers turning in to The Loan Rangers. There hasn’t been a lot of activity at the bottom end of table but I’d guess things will get busier in the next week.
We have the Scottish Cup to look forward to at the weekend. Will there be any shocks? Check out the current blog from @jbleasdale81 and his upcoming one on Thursday.
It appears there may be some kind of progress with who will get the Scotland job. Michael O’Neill has been approached so hopefully that can be resolved soon.
There are no charity bets this weekend with it being the cup so there are no predictions as normal. Thanks to McBookie for your support so far this season and in the past.