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S8E28 Gerrard’s Land Rover

This week we’re one John down, with Krys returning to join John and Aldo who stays on from last week.

It’s double bubble with two rounds of fixtures to cover, including both midweek and weekend league fixtures as the Premiership returns from the winter break.

There’s rumours abound as to what has happened at Hibernian, humble pie is consumed around Jordan Jones, Celtic are routinely winning games they need to win, while the title race is a four horse race… at least for now.

We discuss which two from three will be going down, or at least end up in the playoff and whether Motherwell are actually consigned to ninth place.

We wonder how some managers seem to be able to get away with slagging off their players while others don’t. We also wonder why we can’t remember any awful refereeing decisions this week. We probably forgot some penalty decisions to be honest.

There’s also some Scottish Cup chat with the two replays and one rearranged fixture to come this midweek, as well as Celtic and St Johnstone playing their game in hand in the Premiership.

In the lower leagues, there’s discussions about whether Dunfermline can be caught, whether Albion Rovers are doomed, and whether anyone can come up into the SPFL from the Highland or Lowland Leagues.

And finally we looking forward to next weekend’s fixtures with a very tasty Friday night game to come.

Thanks as always for listening!

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S8E27 Talbot Flying Over Ayr

It’s the two John’s on and they’re joined by a debutant in Killie fan Aldo.

The podcast starts off with a bit of therapy for Aldo in the week that Greg Stewart returned to Aberdeen on loan instead of Kilmarnock. Aldo also vents his frustration with regards to the Jordan Jones situation.

We spoke about cup shocks last week and the first game that was played saw one of the biggest shocks the cup has seen for a while. Talbot overcame the odds and made a lot of punters a lot of money. Craig McCracken was the hero as he has been previously in big games such as the Junior Cup final last season. It was some day in Auchinleck and the atmosphere carried long in to the night. History was made as they won against a Senior team in the Scottish Cup for the first time and will return to Tynecastle where they were robbed of a replay in 2012.

There were a few other shocks as East Fife won and Partick Thistle actually won a game. There were routine wins for Celtic, St Johnstone and Hibs.

The podcast ends with a brief chat about what’s going on in League Two.

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S8E26 Sean’s Scottish Cup Special

It’s a Scottish Cup special as we have a special guest on who is playing in it this weekend.

Sean McIlroy, striker for Auchinleck Talbot joins the two John’s. It’s a big week as they face Ayr in the fourth round. He is currently in his second spell with the club and has played at a good level in Australia with a number of clubs.

He gives an insight in to what it is like being a footballer, his time in Australia and what it’s like in the Juniors. He gives us a behind the dressing room take on things too.

He talks about how he dreams of scoring a last minute winner in a big game so maybe his dream will come true on Saturday.

We talk a wee bit about what cup shocks there might be and what the playing surface is like at Rugby Park with news they may be changing the pitch.

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S8E25 M and M Attack

It’s the two John’s on for the first podcast of 2019. You’d think it would be short with there being no Premiership action.

The bulk of the podcast consists of transfer window chat in the Premiership with plenty of transfers happening already. The two Glasgow teams have been the busiest so far but there’s plenty of time for that to change.

Kilmarnock celebrated their 150th birthday earlier this month so we share some fan views on favourite moments, players and memories.

There is a bit of chat about the referees in relation to club statements and the threats made against John Beaton.

We ran some polls on Twitter with regards to who folk thought would win the lower leagues so that is discussed.

There were a few surprises in the leagues with teams at the top struggling for results at the weekend.

We hope to have a special guest on next week so fingers crossed that happens.

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