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No podcast this week

Unfortunately there will be no podcast this week.

Despite John, John and Hamish “recording” a full podcast on Monday night, technical issues meant that the recording ended up being corrupted.

John and John then made another attempt on Tuesday, but were once again foiled by technical issues.

Rumours that I sabotaged the podcast to avoid two Aberdeen fans gloating about their win over Rangers are unfounded.

Normal service will resume next week.


S6E7 The Two Johnnies

John hosts the podcast and is joined by debutant John B, who is also an Aberdeen fan.

There is good news to start with as the FGS charity bet came in which added £33.33 to the pot.

St Mirren were the first team to get rid of their manager with John B mentioning how he’d written a blog on them recently. Check out his blogs on

The focus switches to the Premiership with the weekend action being discussed and the Joey Barton saga. There is plenty to talk about as Aberdeen return to winning ways and the Lanarkshire derby throws up a goal fest. The guys praise James Maddison who Aberdeen have on loan till January.

There is a preview of the Betfred Cup with the guys predicting who will go through.

The podcast concludes with Premiership predictions and charity bet choices.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

The podcast is available via RSS or iTunes.

S6E6 Egg on your chin, flying low

John is joined by Craig and Hamish as they discuss the recent events in Scottish football.

Even though Craig is on, there is no pie chat.

Once again the charity bet treble sees two out of three win. The FGS bet is unsuccessful too.

The focus is on Scotland and their victory in Malta. After the recent doom and gloom, there is a bit of positivity about the national team. Craig mentions how this is highlighted by Gordon Strachan.

The predictions are made with a view to charity bets being chosen.

Hamish’s struggle to get dressed leads to title of the podcast.

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Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

The podcast is available via RSS or iTunes.

S6E5 Toys in the Ear

John is joined by Andy who returns after being on the first podcast of the season.

It begins with news of both charity bets not coming in. As there is no league fixtures this week there are no predictions to be made.

There is a fair bit of chat involving Celtic with their success in qualifying for Champions League group stages. The guys agree that this will inevitably lead to further inequality in Scottish football as teams struggle to compete.

The Premiership is discussed with the main games over the weekend being discussed. Andy covered the Ross County game but said there was not much excitement. Inverness are given credit for their first win under Foran.

The podcast was recorded on Tuesday so there is a fair bit of chat about transfer deadline day which leads to the title of the podcast.

The focus shifts towards Scotland and primarily the £13million man Oliver Burke with the hope he is successful in Germany. The lack of football from a large section of squad is cause for concern.

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Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

The podcast is available via RSS or iTunes.