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S5E06 Yogi Does Dallas

It’s a two man podcast this week as John joins Krys for a long chat about a number of talking points. It’s just a pity Krys didn’t have his microphone plugged in properly for the first fifteen minutes!

Celtic in and out of Europe and their possible transfer moves is followed up by the League Cup second round action and third round draw, before turning to the real meat of the podcast and the woeful performances of some of Scotland’s supposed finest referees. Andrew Dallas, Steven McLean, Stephen Finnie, Craig Thomson, Willie Collum and Bobby Madden all get analysed to death before we get supplied with a statement from Stewart Regan defending them all. Typical.

The Scotland double header against Georgia and Germany then gets a preview before moving on to attempt another charity bet win from the lower leagues after disappointment this week.

With thanks as always to McBookie for providing the stakes.

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S5E05 Shot Gunn Charity Bet

John and Andy join Krys to discuss the weekend SPFL action. John brings his in depth Championship review, Andy gives us the lowdown on action from the highlands, and Krys apparently got a cold watching Celtic in Europe.

Between them they manage to cover most of the interesting talking points from the weekend before moving on discuss the midweek European and League Cup fixtures before finishing up with predictions for the coming weekend games.

The charity bet was a bust this weekend, but there’s another crack at it this weekend coming. With thanks as always to McBookie for providing the stakes.

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S5E04 Siamese Showboating

It’s a two man podcast this week as Krys is joined by John to first go off at an odd tangent before going on to discuss how they can now bring the podcast to a close thanks to the McBookie charity bet double win at the weekend.

Fortunately all this showboating is good for the game, although someone needs to tell Alloa Athletic. Remembering there’s still other things to discuss, Krys and John move on to the midweek Premiership fixtures, the Scott Allan transfer saga ending, weekend fixtures across four divisions, a European fixture coming up for Celtic and of course more predictions for the coming weekend before having another crack at winning money for charity.

And all of that in just under an hour. About time this podcast was a sensible length again!

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S5E03 Doing a Sportscene

This week, Krys listens in as Laurie and John discuss the weekend’s action. No really, Krys is there, you’ll hear him occasionally.

We spend ages discussing a couple of the games, skate over others, before slagging off Sportscene for doing exactly the same thing. Well, one of us is supposed to be professional and get paid for doing this, and it’s sadly not us!

We have a quick look back at Celtic and Aberdeen in Europe last week before moving on to the double fixtures in the predictors for the week ahead.

Finally, after a disappointing week last week we have another crack at the charity bet courtesy of McBookie who apparently haven’t quite got all the lower league fixtures up yet. We’re confident it’s worth it though! Follow sffpodcast On Twitter to be kept up to speed with how those bets will go later in the week!

S5E02 Obvious Goal Scoring Opportunities

Krys isn’t alone this week, hurrah!

Joining Krys on the podcast this week is John and Laurie to discuss the “controversial” moments from the weekend’s Premiership action. Unsurprisingly there’s a long discussion about how obvious is an obvious goal scoring opportunity before you get a red card. Fortunately, there were some other incidents and goals to discuss beyond that as well.

The League Cup first round results and second round draw get a once over, and everyone agrees it’s not exciting until the big teams enter in round three. Then we move on to talk about the more exciting World Cup draw. Again.

The charity bet returns this week, and we try to ease our way into it and look to Craig’s contacts for inspiration after realising there’s a complete lack of obvious choices. With thanks to McBookie for the stakes.

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