Monthly Archives: October 2013

S3E14 Greigs mum picks the charity bet (sort of)

The charity bet isn’t going well, so we get Greig’s mum to pick the charity bet this week.

Despite being an audio only podcast, I Googled a picture of Nade and we both had a good laugh at how greedy he looked.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

S3E13 a dodgy corner and a charity bet rethink

A controversial corner in the Inverness vs Partick Thistle game obviously leads to the rule book coming out. Greig owes me a lot of money as well.

We also discuss the other Premiership games, as well as the lower league ones.

We take a slightly different approach to the charity bet this week. We apply a formula, supplied to me by Krys, to the bet which cannot fail.

Greig has to remind me that the Scotland game was on last week. I was at the game, so to forget was a schoolboy error.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

S3E12 Scotland vs Croatia preview

It’s the first ever SFF podcast where it’s just Greig and I. Krys is using up his annual leave allowance, which means Greig and I have to talk more.

Scotland vs Croatia is the main topic for discussion, with Greig doing a very good job of sounding like he is a Scotland fan. I use my Football Manager experience to try and pick the best starting eleven, which also giving one of my sites a plug –

After yet another charity bet failure, we go back to a simple double.

We end with a grump about Bet365 and a lot of positives about McBookie.

S3E11 Laurie’s return

Laurie makes his return to the podcast for the first time this season.

Krys talks us through the Premiership, Lower leagues and the Scottish Cup, before we all discuss the key points.

Laurie attempts to pass on some of his gambling skills in the charity bet. We shall see if our luck can change.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

S3E10 The 100th SFF Podcast

It’s the 100th SFF Podcast, which means that I can indulge in a can or two of Tennent’s. Don’t worry, we still manage to cover the last week in Scottish football.

The league cup, shocks and all.

The Premiership.

Lower Leagues, including Rangers vs Stenhousemuir and the “armed forces day”.

Celtic vs Barcelona.

Premiership predictions.

Charity bet.

Reminiscing about the history of the podcast

The podcast ends with each of our first appearances on the podcast. My favourite is Greig’s, where he sounds quite posh.