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S2E40 – play-offs, Player of the year & Laurie’s bed

Each week we record the podcast via Skype and we normally sit at our PCs, with headsets on. This week is a little different, because Laurie uses his phone and decides to record the podcast while on his bed. Not only is that slightly disconcerting, but I am sure that he is almost falling asleep near the end. Not that the podcast is boring 😉

Krys kicks us off with his SPL review. There is plenty to discuss this week, with debatable red cards, offside goals, tap ins, crappy walls and deflections.

The SPL met today to discuss play-offs between the SPL and division one. I personally found this news to be quite positive, but Krys dampened my enthusiasm with talk of what could have been.

We all give our votes and our reasoning for who should win the player’s player of the year award.

The charity bet was shaping up to have a pretty low return using our usual one match per person, so instead of losing with a three match bet, we make it a four team accumulator.

We end, as always, with out SPL predictions.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

S2E39 – Records, Champions and EK Clyde

Points for discussion in this week’s show are:

  • The weekend’s SPL games
  • Higdon passed Pettigrew’s post-war goalscoring record for Motherwell
  • Celtic and Partick winning their respective leagues this weekend
  • Celtic’s season ticket price reduction
  • EK Clyde
  • The charity bet
  • SPL predictions

This week’s podcast features Krys, Greig and myself.

Please note that the new SFF podcast feed URL is

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

S2E36 Madden’s madness, Caldwell’s calamity and Laurie’s fly

Scotland’s defeat to Serbia is first up. We discuss who was at fault for their first goal; Caldwell, Marshall or Hutton.

It’s no surprise that Bobby Madden’s performance during St Mirren’s game against Celtic gets our focus.

In the SFL, Dunfermline, and specifically those who were shown the door are discussed. We also congratulate Rangers and Queen of the South for winning their respective leagues.

Throughout the podcast Krys gives us updates on the St Johnstone vs Dundee United game that was being played as we recorded the podcast.

The charity bet and our SPL predictions also feature.

As I announce the end of the podcast a zipping noise can be heard from Laurie’s microphone, although he denies it.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

S2E35 Scotland the grave

Laurie, Krys and I discuss Scotland’s defeat against Wales, as well as:

  • Preview Serbia vs Scotland
  • Dunfermline’s financial future
  • Derek McInnes being named Aberdeen boss
  • Rangers 0-0 Stirling Albion
  • McBookie charity bet
  • SPL Predictions

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

S2E34 Bonus – Charles Green’s reconstruction statement

Following every podcast recording we normally stay on to chat about football and random banter. Krys accidentally left his recording running and caught our reaction to Charles Green’s statement about reconstruction, and how he sees Stranraer.

We didn’t know we were recording, so the language is strong.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

S2E34 League Cup final, Green Brigade and Kristine Lilly

Laurie makes his return to the podcast after a spell out, and he joins Krys and I.

Laurie was at the St Mirren vs Hearts final, and gives his account of the day. Krys and I were neutrals for this game, so enjoyed it a little more than Laurie.

Krys was at the Celtic fans march on Saturday and gives us his first hand account of what went on.

Laurie attempts an impersonation of Charles Green, although you wouldn’t have guessed who it was meant to be.

Kristine Lilly is mentioned for the first, and probably last, time on the podcast.

SPL, SFL, Scotland vs Wales and charity bet also feature.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

S2E33 – Goal-line technology & SPL entry criteria.

This week Krys and I are joined by a special guest  – ESPN’s Derek Rae.

We start by discussing Celtic’s performance against Juventus. Derek gives us his view on Juventus’ replacement for the Stadio Delle Alpi and also how Pirlo became the player he is today.

On Sunday the Edinburgh derby finished 0-0, with a lot of the talk focussing on Leigh Griffiths’ goal that never was. We all know that the ball crossed the line, but the officials never gave it. We discuss what could be done to stop that happening again; including goal-line technology, and Derek gives his opinion on the use of TV evidence.

Morton are currently sitting atop division one and have aspirations of reaching the SPL. With promotion comes certain stadium criteria and Morton have until the 31st of March to confirm they have plans in place to upgrade their stadium. The sticking point is that league reconstruction is due to be voted in on the 15th of April and if it happens, the top tier entry criteria will be relaxed. We discuss the various options available to the club and that leads us on to discuss other upgrades, namely standing areas.

Division three was home to two shock results of the weekend; Stirling Albion beat East Stirlingshire 9-1, and Annan beat Rangers 2-1. I applaud Annan, and we also discuss Stirling Albion’s rise from the bottom of the table to the possibility of a play off place. Derek also gives his views on the Rangers team, and I discuss the state of my steak pie from the weekend.

As usual we each pick a team in this week’s charity bet. We only managed one result out of three last weekend, but that’s no surprise.

It’s the final of the Scottish Communities League Cup on Saturday and we first of all discuss the rumour that Peter Houston will take over at Hearts, with his first game possibly being the final. We also discuss the SFL’s decision to take tickets away from St Mirren and move them to a more expensive section.

We end the podcast with our SPL predictions. Derek is set to commentate on Friday’s game between Motherwell and Hibs, which leads us on to discuss Friday night football and the benefits of it.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.

S2E32 Lord Nimmo Smith, Scottish Cup and The Beard

This week me, Greig and Krys spend an hour talking about Scottish football and other nonsense.

Our first attempt at starting this week’s recording failed after about five seconds, which was then followed by about ten minutes of faffing about trying to sort out the technical difficulties.

It was the Scottish Cup quarter finals this weekend, so we discuss the ties between Killie & Hibs, Dundee & Dundee United, Hamilton & Falkirk and St Mirren & Celtic. We also discuss the semi final draw.

Krys also expertly guides us through the previous SPL games and we discuss the highlights in detail.

James Dayton’s beard was a thing of beauty, so of course we spend time discussing The Beard.

Despite mentioning Lord Nimmo Smith at the start of the podcast, I almost forget to include it in the podcast due to time constraints. Luckily Krys reminded me at the end, so we got a chance to discuss Lord Nimmo Smith’s decision to fine Rangers (oldco) £250k, but not strip them of SPL titles.

We also make our charity bet and predict the scoreline for the upcoming SPL games.

Thank you to McBookie for donating the charity bet stake.